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i was mostly inspired by peter max.  i’ve seen one of his very large pieces up close in a small living room and was hooked.  i’ve always been drawn to vivid multicolor, often on black background in fashion, however, i didn’t paint a thing until some time later.

i started using house paint while i was moving.  i had the urge and didn’t know much about canvases so the self-portrait “picassuz” was painted on the back of the glossy that came w/the frame.  that was my first crack at it, however i love the saturation of house paint and still use it as i just don’t have the patience for oil.

the cross was intended to be a clock (still called “out of time”) but when finished — and before putting on the minute/second hands — i noticed i’d painted a crucifix and there it stood.

the black backgrounds “bop” and “owl in the bubble gum tree” hopefully will be the first two of a “neon night” series.

i use a lot of glow-in-the-dark, sparkle and squeeze-drizzle paint (not sans pollack) but controlled.

the “elements” collection will be evident.


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